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Keys locked in trunk ? Toronto locksmith saves the day

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Keys locked in trunk ? Toronto locksmith saves the day
Our Toronto locksmith from Pop-A-Lock was on the scene to help a customer who had locked keys in trunk.  This particular car was a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder.  The keys were in the trunk and their was no trunk release.  In this case, we can provide a variety of solutions.
  • Decode the lock in the trunk and cut a new key
  • We can use our proprietary car door unlocking tools to access the vehicle compartment and then activate the trunk release.  Be careful though, entering a vehicle with tools can set off the car alarm, as it did in this case.  We needed to pop the hood to kill the alarm.
  • When there is no trunk release, one other option is to look for options to access the trunk.   For this car, we removed the speaker cover in the backseat and found a cable that could be used to open the trunk.
in all cases, we recommend you call a trained and certified locksmith.  Pop-A-Lock is the locksmith service provider for CAA.  You are entitled to benefits and services like this.  Give us a call and we can provide a variety of solutions to get you on the road again.
Happy motoring !!